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The countdown to spring has begun, but do not let the frigid temperatures forget about the beauty of winter. You can satisfy that need for bright blossoms in your house with our three varieties of primroses: classic primary colors in the short height and tall 6 inch stems as well as the Obconica variety featured in pastel colors. Combine them for a beautiful arrangement of glowing bright hues. Primroses are one of the early signs that spring is coming. The primary color varieties are perennial. Enjoy them on a chili semi sunny window. Plant them out doors in morning sun, afternoon shade in March when our soil is no longer frozen. The pastel shade variety, Obconica, is an annual and they will bloom beautifully all spring until it gets really warm.

For those going for the chic green and minimalistic approach to inside gardening, succulents are still all the rage with large and small options including succulent gardens. The options and arrangements are endless and perfectly modern. Do not be afraid to experiment with these low maintenance enhancements to any room or office. Also, in this month, we are receiving a new shipment of tropical foliage from California including variegated african violets.

Our famous pansies are ready!  Weather permitting, they are able to be put outside.  They like cool nights but some warmer days that we normally see at the end of February.  

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Seasonal Suggestions & Reminders

It is prime time to start organizing your seed garden. We have non-GMO options including organic vegetable seeds from Burpee. The Botanical Interests seeds have information galore for the beginner and naming your seeds has become extra easy as we offer cute chalkboards to stick in the soil.

Garden Chalkboards
Get organized with garden chalkboards!

non-GMO seeds
Non-GMO seeds

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